>> Friday, December 15, 2006

I grew up reading comics when I was little. Something that kids don't do as much any more. In fifth grade, my sister and I made a dumb move and sold most of our collection during a school project.

I didn't care about that decision until years later when I was in college. One summer I decided to take a look and see what was left of our collection (now mine!).

I started going to the comics store quite regularly over the summer. I came to know who the X-Men were. I read mostly DC Comics when I was little, so the X-Men escaped me until then.

A habit was born.

I went back to college in the fall. No comic store was nearby.

Then about a month into the semester a store opened a block off campus. I checked it out and was able to keep a steady stream of comic reading (and spending) for a year and a half.

I was a very devoted comic reader until about December 2001. I basically went cold turkey at that point and haven't bought many comics since then.

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