I Heart Craig Ferguson

>> Saturday, January 13, 2007

I rarely, if ever, watch television. Don't even have cable--not because I don't like cable, but why pay for it when you never use it.

I've only watched The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson a couple of times when I've been visiting my parents.

But I have listened to an interview with Craig Ferguson that I love. He was interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross last spring. I just love listening to it for his accent alone. I've done that more than once. (I thought that the recent interview with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand would replace Craig for my accent listening pleasure, but, no, Craig is still at the top of my list.)

But what I really adore Craig for is his opening monologues. He doesn't open with a predictable series of half-assed jokes or anything. He starts out with something that's been on his mind.

A couple of weeks ago, he commented on Pat Robertson's predictions for 2007. I caught it at onegoodmove.org. My favorite part has to be his comment on faith vs certainty:

"You can't have certainty and faith. You can't. You can't have them at the same time. If you've got faith, then you don't need certainty. If you've got certainty, you don't need faith. They can't coexist. It doesn't make sense! You can't be hungry and full. You can't be drunk and sober. You can't be fat and thin. It doesn't make any sense!"



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