The Heart

>> Monday, June 25, 2007

"Kendo teaches us how to utilise the heart. This is an important issue to our very existence, and not to try and understand and develop the heart while engaging in Kendo relegates the activity to one of merely waving bamboo sticks about. This is not a true study of Kendo. To learn the heart is to learn the meaning behind the existence of all things. To learn Kendo is to learn about the true self, and then to set out and achieve whatever it is that defines the meaning of your being. To this purpose, the individual will be faced with many problems, and will have to find ways to deal with them. This may result in your progress falling behind others. Nevertheless, as nothing is wasted in the universe, neither are the lives of each individual. Everybody and everything has meaning. Thus, it is permissible to take the scenic route. Everything that transpires in front of the individual does so for a reason, and all will eventually become apparent. In fact, it may be those who do not get directly to their desired destination and take the long way instead who are truly investigating the Way (michi)."

-- Kaku Toshihiko, "Hanshi Says," Kendo World, vol. 3, no. 2 2005, page 39.



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