>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm lucky enough for Metropolitan Markets to carry Cioccolato di Bruco chocolates. (I can't read their website because it's in Italian.)

I've always like their Anise chocolates. A couple of nights ago, I had their "salt" chocolates. Very yummy.

I picked up the Ancho (chili) and Mole (spiced) chocolates last night. The Ancho box says, "Inspired by the fine Mexican chili, the "Ancho." The Mole box says, "Inspired by the Mexian sauce "Mole." (Whenever I see "mole," it always reminds me of Like Water for Chocolate.)

I had the Ancho today after lunch. It definitely has a nice kick to it. Not too hot for me but it might be too mild for some people.


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