At the Grand

>> Saturday, August 25, 2007

I finally volunteered at the Grand today. It was the first time I've volunteered since I've moved. It was also the first time I've ever volunteered on a Saturday night (6:30 to 9:30 shift).

Soren Anderson from The News Tribune was interviewing a few people just as I was arriving. The Grand is having its 10th anniversary as a non-profit (or is it not-for-profit?) in two weeks. Last night the TNT was taking some photos. I noticed something going on yesterday evening when I went to Corina Bakery to get a slice of cake.
I'll have to keep out an eye for his article in the TNT.

It wasn't a hugely busy night. The last time I worked as Saturday shift was when Waitress was playing in June. That was insanely busy, particularly with popcorn. Everyone wanted a bucket on top of it continuously being a sellout crowd! Death at a Funeral sold out almost all day. The last showing didn't sell out but had the biggest crowd. Arctic Tale had virtually no one. It's finishing it's two-week run. It seems so unfair that the distributor made them carry it for two weeks. My Best Friend and Offside played for a week and then were gone. I missed both of them.

As of now, only The 11th Hour is opening on Friday. Arctic Tale is definitely leaving. Becoming Jane should leave with it. Previously Ten Canoes was going to open the same weekend as The 11th Hour, which means Becoming Jane will play another week unless it changes on Monday. I did notice a new bright spot on the "coming soon" calendar, The King of Kong, a documentary on the Donkey Kong gamers. I have to see it!

Most of all, tonight, after being the popcorn bitch, I got to leave with my own unused popcorn bucket. A trifle for some people but a great container for some thing for me.


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