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>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Currently coming soon at the Grand is quite a good list of movies:

Currently, I want to see The 11th Hour, Ten Canoes, Outsourced, Into the Wild and In the Shadow of the Moon. I absolutely have to see The King of Kong. That is just a must-see movie after seeing that trailer. I mean, any guy who is going to say, "No matter what I say, it draws controversy, sort of like the abortion issue," has a foot-in-mouth problem that is well worth seeing on the big screen.

I'm a bit iffy on In the Valley of Elah. After seeing the trailer tonight, I'm a bit on the fence on whether I want to see it or not. Ironically, seeing Tommy Lee Jones in the trailer makes me want to see it and I'm not really sure why.

With all these movies on the slate, it means that the Grand is not going to get No End in Sight. Bummer. Now if I want to see it in the theater I'm going to have to drive up to Seattle to see it.


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