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>> Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hopefully, the Grand may get either No End in Sight or The 11th Hour this fall. Neither is on the schedule yet but last night I emailed three film requests: No End in Sight, Shattered and Eastern Promises.

I was inspired to email a request for Eastern Promises after reading its synopsis on imdb after Lainey posted about Viggo fighting naked in the movie.

I really want to see No End in Sight. The rate I'm going through movies on my Netflix queue is...well, snails crawl faster. I actually thought of putting The 11th Hour on my request list, but on the surface it seems to be too similar to An Inconvenient Truth, which played at the Grand nearly all summer last year. Shattered is something that I just put in on a whim. When the Grand director emailed me back, he said that he had already gotten a few requests for it. It's not on the schedule currently, but he was going to look into it. Eastern Promises may get a wider release so the Grand may or may not get it.


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