Eight Years Ago...

>> Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This was basically the apartment my sister and I moved into. Right at the top of the stairs.I'll admit the bathroom no longer in the prime condition that it was in when we moved in but with no real ventilation it's hardly surprising.
Oh brown decor-cabinets, enjoy your last few days of existence. Soon you shall be gone forever. Soon to be replaced by new cabinets, no wall and stainless steel appliances.
Yup. The new owners are going to replace that chandelier. I suppose I should just call it a light fixture. Chandeliers should be full of glass and fancy.
Look at all that brown, SHAG carpet! Damn, I should have taken a closeup of it when I had the chance.
"My room"
"My sister's room" (huge difference, right?)
During the three-minute walk-through my landlord gave me, he said, "Oh, you have one of the originals!" I can only presume that he means I had the original...everything. The building was built in 1974, so I can only guess how old that brown shag carpet is.

So glad I did not spend oodles of time cleaning today. I just couldn't bring myself to do it and it wouldn't have mattered anyway since the entire apartment is going to be redone.

Eight years. I had lived there the longest of all the current tenants and the third to the last to vacate.


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