I Finished!

>> Thursday, August 16, 2007

It only took about a week, reading off and on. What a tangled web she weaves. I think at some point I definitely want to actually read the first six. Details. Details. So many details in that story!

I knew Snape pined for Lily Potter. It was just a feeling after listening to one of the memories in either Order of the Phoenix or the Half-Blood Prince. That and Snape derided Harry's father so much but rarely said anything about his mother. It was a sign.

The rumor that Harry was a horcrux was right on! To think that two people on the van said, "No, it would be impossible." Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! I feel so vindicated! Particularly since one person argued vehemently that Snape was bad. To me it's just proof of that person's thorough bitterness. I don't know of anyone so continuously snappy and uncompassionate.


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