Misfits' Fashion

>> Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Misfits. Always cooler than Jem and the Holgrams.

None of that pastel crap.

Their original outfits on the left. Notice they're better designed for a three-girl group than the wretched Destiny's Child combinations.

Yes, they are totally 80s and totally unique.

My favorite, Roxy.

I always wanted to dress up like Roxy for Halloween. Perhaps some day I shall.

Since the 80s are in resurgence and I've discovered a slew of Misfits videos on YouTube, I got to thinking that there are two Misfit outfits I wouldn't mind wearing then next time I wore a dress.

The first is Roxy's red dress on the left, minus the purple gloves of course.

It's not bad for a cartoon creation.

The second, and best, is Pizzazz's black dress with gold belt, minus the purple wrap bracelet.

I'm just not a jewelry person.

Really, I'd kill for that dress.


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