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>> Monday, August 27, 2007

Since her site redesign this summer, Lainey has gone through and renamed the URLs on her posts. What once was a numerical system is now post title as part of the URL.

Anyhow, I think this is my favorite post of hers.

From April 28, 2005: Divorce and Diane Sawyer

Only at Lainey Gossip - not even Ted Casablanca has this scoop! Fresh, as in this morning, from a strategically placed spy in LA's the not-so-exciting scoop: The Pitts, as widely reported, have been doomed for a while: since as early as 2003, when Brad made some telling comments in a magazine interview saying that love doesn't have to be forever, that he and Jen knew that, and that if their ride had to would end, and they would accept it. When the (inexplicable) buzz around her performance in The Good Girl took her to a new level, Jen put Brad off babies until the end of Friends. When the 9th season concluded with an extension, she once again promised one more year. In that time she was signed to nearly 5 upcoming projects...without consulting him first. Her big mistake was not telling him before the scripts would arrive. When he saw her accepting role after role - and had to read about it in the daily trades - he confronted her. And to hold him off, she relented again...temporarily. So the deal is: she finishes the show, he finishes Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Oceans 12 over the summer of 2004...and then they take a break. What happens? Derailed. As in the movie co-starring Clive Owen. She signs on with, yet again, no warning to Brad and it's off to couples therapy we go. Wouldn't you know it...every interview she gave last year leading up to the Friends finale was taped while the two were in counselling. And although she had absolutely NO intention of having a kid any time soon, she still persisted in saying on Diane Sawyer, and Oprah, and ET, and on and on and on...that a baby was on its way (which means she's a better actress than we give her credit for). This further infuriated Brad. 'Obviously your image is more important than actually making what you say real...why are you going on tv saying one thing and then refusing to get this done as soon as you get home?' Next up: filming with Angelina. Jen nearly lost it when she heard about the on-screen chemistry. So she flies to Cannes to open Troy with her husband and they spend a few weeks in Europe where things were actually getting better. For the sake of the marriage, after getting advice from his parents, he was willing to wait, understanding that his wife clearly had many issues to resolve within herself and wasn't ready at the time for a baby anyway. Besides, no one wanted to affect the box office sales of Oceans 12, so the two pledged yet again to give it a go. The problem is, they hardly spent any quality time together in the fall. Jennifer was filming back to back pictures, he was getting ready for the Oceans promo, and my source says, he wasn't willing to be the only person injecting some sincerity and romance in to their marriage anymore. And then came the Oceans 12 cast interview with Diane Sawyer when Brad visibly choked up and said he would like nothing more than to have a little girl like Jen running around. When news of the interview reached Jen, she hit the roof, prompting a huge fight, and the famous 'London' incident when he ended up celebrating his birthday alone last December and she was photographed at the airport, upset and, some say, without her wedding ring. They briefly reconnected over Christmas, made the decision together without fanfare and then joined Courteney and David on vacay for one last hurrah to escape the media frenzy when the announcement dropped on January 7th. However...what started out as an amicable split is getting increasingly nastier as time goes on. Brad is pissed that she hasn't come out to refute the infidelity rumours, that she is content to milk the public's affection and let him look like a cheating scumbag only because she wants to turn it around for her career. Which is exactly why the couple's close friend Catherine Keener (her husband is Dermot Mulroney who guest starred as 'Gavin' on Friends) has almost cut Jen off completely, disgusted at her self-serving behaviour. You'll note, Catherine was one of Jen's closest galpals, along with Kathy Najimy and the three used to have girls' nights almost every week for years. In recent months, Catherine has made a point of being publicly photographed with Brad, while keeping her distance from Jen. And finally...regarding Angelina and the alleged hanky panky on the Smith set... my source says: 'Lainey, he's straight! Show me a guy who isn't going to get a hard-on when Angelina's lying on top of you all sweaty and skimpy dressed...can you? No! So what makes you think Brad Pitt's going to be able to. But he didn't screw her...for sure. Last summer, he was still really in to Jen. He's a pretty loyal guy. When that (insert bad word here) Gwyneth cheated on him, he was nuts. He'd never put anyone else in that position, you know? But now? Game on man. A guy's gotta do...know what I'm sayin'?' And there you have it. Take it for what you will. Call it bullsh*t if you want. Hell...I want to! But remember this: would that kind of story sell as many magazines as an illicit high profile affair???

And yes, I completely believe the text above. That Brad and Jen were on the rocks and split because they were incompatible, not because Angelina Jolie "stole" him.


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