The Shower

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

I swear if it's not one thing with this apartment, then it's something else. This is the shower. By the looks of it, nothing amiss. However, I have yet to take a picture that can accurately demonstrate my conundrum. This bathtub is not very deep. Very shallow! When I stand in the shower, the top of my head is about three inches from the ceiling. I'm short! I'm 5'4"!

I have to do lunges to get my hair wet and clean it.

To top it off, I can't stand the water coming out of the pipes. I've been drinking bottled water since I moved here. I haven't figured out how to get my water filter onto my kitchen faucet yet. I'm thinking I'll have to resort to filtering the water via underneath the sink.

I digress. See that white bulbous mass in between the shower head and the pipe?
That is my water filter for the shower. I used it at my old apartment. Gives much better shower water and given what's coming out of the pipes here, I'm not going to shower without it.

So, last night (Sunday night) I went to Home Depot to get a new shower head--one that I can angle up higher above my head. I found a nifty one for less than $25. Super deal I thought!

Guess what?

It doesn't work with my water filter. Yup, for the time being I have to choose between a better shower head or cleaner water.


I'm going with cleaner water for the time being because I will revisit Home Depot tomorrow when I will pay more attention to the attachments.


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