Thank You Phantom Sally!

>> Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sally probably isn't her real name but it's the name that just came about. "Phantom Sally" is my rip-off of "Phantom Dennis" on Angel.

Two of my friends have a ghost in their house. Originally, my friend's boyfriend (currently upgraded to live-in lover but I'm still waiting for fiance/husband) bought a house in Magnolia that she described as a shack. It truly was a shack. I still remember the day I first drove up to it and told her, "You're not kidding, it really is a shack." Not meant as a slam by any means but just the truth given the sizes of the houses immediately nearby and that it really looked like a shack! (I wish I had a picture of it now.)

Her boyfriend, who is a carpenter, had bought this shack with the intention of destroying the house and leaving the foundation to rebuild on. (The pre-demolition party was awesome! Tic-tac-toe on the walls and a bowling ball against the wall!) It took two and a half to three years to build the new house, an expanded three-story house that is oh-so-fabulous!

Before they knocked down the existing shack, my friend saw Sally one night after a late trip to the bathroom. Apparently Sally nodded hello and my friend said, "Hi." and quickly rushed back to the bedroom to rejoin her boyfriend. She didn't tell him right away about meeting Sally. She told him later. But would you believe that Sally is a chocolate lover? That's right. On a couple of occasions she stole some candy bars, one of which I believe was a Snickers.

Chocolate pilfering aside, the reason I say "thank you" to Phantom Sally is that she kept my friends safe while they were building their house. I learned a lot about construction while
they were building. Things I had never thought about such as new construction being susceptible to arson and tool theft.

On at least two occasions, my friends had break-ins at their house. This was before windows and the doors were cut-out on the first floor. My friends were sleeping inside the house on the second or third floor. Sally whispered in my friend's ear to wake her up. (And no, it was not her boyfriend since she woke him up.) Sally did this both times. The cops were even able to catch the thieves on one occasion.

So thank you Phantom Sally. Thank you for keeping my friends safe.

May you rest in peace somewhere.


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