The 11th Hour

>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

I had nearly a private showing for The 11th Hour when I saw it on Tuesday at the Grand. Another lady came in right during the trailers.

I can see why most people haven't bothered to see it, there's no clear story line. No clear way to organize all the information the interviewees are talking about.

If you're familiar with the issues, as I feel I am, it seems to be easy to follow the follow the directors have laid out in 90 minutes. However, for such an informational film, it does not clearly organize the information it presents. Yes, clearly we humans are at fault, but then...what? Moreover, some of the graphics and diagrams are skimmed over too quickly. There was one at then end that I was quite interested in, yet it went by too quickly and I'm a quick reader!


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