British General Rails Rumsfeld

>> Monday, September 3, 2007

I usually don't pay much attention to news regarding how badly the war in Iraq is going. I've known it was going to fail before we invaded. It seemed no one wanted to take Iraq's history into account when talking about post-Saddam Iraq. I gleaned a lot from interviews on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Now British General Sir Mike Jackson has attacked the Bush Administration regarding how it handled post-invasion Iraq. 'Bout time!

The former chief of the general staff said the approach taken by Donald Rumsfeld, the then US defence secretary, was "intellectually bankrupt", describing his claim that US forces "don't do nation-building" as "nonsensical"....

Sir Mike is particularly critical of President Bush's decision to hand control of the post-invasion running of Iraq to the Pentagon, when all the post-war planning had been done by the State Department.

"All the planning carried out by the State Department went to waste," he writes. For Mr Rumsfeld and his neo-conservative supporters "it was an ideological article of faith that the coalition forces would be accepted as a liberating army.

Going to go see No End In Sight tomorrow up in Seattle.


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