Evergreen Bushes Gone!

>> Sunday, September 23, 2007

As soon as I saw this thing parked last week, I knew there were big changes ahead.

The evergreen and holly bushes have been ripped out along with the concrete walkways.

The ground looks so bare!

I can't help but wonder if the trees are going to go next.

I think they'll still have to redo the walkways continuing through to the apartments. Rick is still living there for now. I think he must be the last one there. I think Jeff has moved out. I'm sure Rick will have to move out before they rip out the remaining walkways.

The studs have been completed on one of the garage sides.

I'm sure those boards/siding is going up this week on the garage.

Amazingly, they have yet to install that remaining garage door.

I would guess that will change in the next couple of weeks.


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