Labor Day Weekend at the Grand

>> Sunday, September 2, 2007

I volunteered yesterday and today, continuing my reign as the popcorn bitch. Death at a Funeral is still the big seller. The 5:10 showing basically sold out. It didn't necessarily sell out all the seats but for those who were going to come in late, the house manager pushed them to get tickts to the 7:10 showing. It gets too difficult for folks to find seats together.

Becoming Jane has to be the biggest chick flick I've seen play at the Grand since I started volunteering. I haven't seen it and certainly don't plan on it. It's audience appears to be 95% women. I haven't seen that many men come to see it unless they were with their girlfriends or wives.

Surprisingly, there isn't much of an audience for The 11th Hour. I was a bit surprised to find that there are so few people coming to see it. It doesn't help that it is the first sunny weekend in a long time. The last weekend of the summer. I've been on the fence about seeing it. Part of me really wants to since it is said to contain so much information and part of me does not because others who have seen it said it was boring.

It'll be interesting to see what leaves next. The 11th Hour has a two-week commitment and Becoming Jane is still doing decent business after being there a month. Ten Canoes is supposed to open next weekend (9/7). Maybe they'll split The 11th Hour and Becoming Jane on screen three, the smallest theater. That's my hope because I want to see Ten Canoes but hate it when they split the screen on new movies, even though the Grand doesn't necessarily have a choice.


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