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>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

More discernible changes at my old apartment. Directly below are two planters of Weeping Eastern Pine or Eastern Weeping Pine. I can't remember which exactly. I have to wonder where exactly these are going to go. Right where they're placed? They haven't ripped out the two evergreen trees or bushes yet, so there isn't any room for these except where they're currently placed.See what I mean? Those dead holly bush branches have been there for more than a month. They were fresh and had just been cut off the neighbor's bushes a few days before I moved out. I know the Goodwill furniture guys certainly appreciated the bushes being trimmed since they took out three pieces of furniture on the path between the holly bush and evergreen tree.
The garage door has been put down. It's been there more than a week.
And there is a blue green door against the wall that has yet to be installed. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, then I'm sure it'll happen early next week.
After all, there's a small pile of lumber further back in the garage.
Looking into my old apartment from the sidewalk, I can see that the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room has been knocked out. I can see wires hanging from the ceiling where that wall used to be. Too bad I'm not tall enough to see what the rest of the kitchen looks like...perhaps I could take a decent picture. Of course, I could climb one of the evergreen trees and take a picture. I'd get a great look at it that way. If only I had a Tyvek suit, then I could prevent the bugs and spiders in the tree from crawling on me!


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