Rock On

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The giant rocks arrived early this week. My van drove by on Tuesday on the way to work and I saw them. I'm still surprised that the trees are there.

Seriously, shouldn't they remove the trees first before they delivered the rocks?

I don't know how the landscapers work with all those rocks around.

More progress on the garage.

Siding and a door on the side. I must say I'm surprised by the door in the side. I wasn't expecting that.

They've installed the other door as well. No handle on this one which means there is no lock yet.

Ah, the workspace with sawdust all around. Yum!

My former neighbor, Rick, is still living there. I can't believe they haven't kicked him out yet. I don't want him to get kicked out, but I know he can't afford to live there with the rent at $750.


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