Some Changes to the Old Place

>> Sunday, September 2, 2007

I finally took some pictures now that I've noticed more discernible changes. It looks like they've at least trimmed the top of the tree on the left. Both trees used to be more equal in height even though I don't have a picture to illustrate it. I wonder how much trimming will take place before they rip both of them out. I'm actually surprised that the evergreen bushes are still there. I thought they would go before they would take any action to the trees. Some plaster just outside the door of my old apartment. I wonder what the inside looks like...
A dumpster in the back where two parking spots used to be. I ran into Mary, one of my former neighbors, last night. She said the dumpster has been there for a couple of weeks. She said Rick, who is still living there, told her that many of the appliances have been taken out even if they were new. That doesn't surprise me. I remember the new owners telling me they were going to install stainless steel appliances.
Interesting work that's already begun on the garage. There used to just be a chain-link gate at the entrance. They've ripped that out and are clearly starting on a new entrance.
I'm a bit surprised they're starting on that. I thought they were going to redo the concrete sidewalks first.


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