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>> Saturday, September 22, 2007

I always find it amazing how the posters are arranged on the Grand's website. In the Valley of Elah is the only new film and it's in the middle. I suppose these are arranged in alphabetical order. I guess after volunteering at the Grand for so long, my mind doesn't slot these films in alphabetical order but what theater they're in (theater 1, 2 or 3).

I was one of two volunteers last night. (Good thing I showed up!) Luckily it wasn't too busy. There was a small crowd for In the Valley but not much else. It's too bad that more people haven't come to see The King of Kong. I think people would enjoy it more if they could just get past the perception of it as a video game movie. I totally agree with Dan--it deserves to do better. The other volunteer, ironically, is a next-door neighbor to a gentleman on my vanpool! Small world!

I'm always impressed by the volunteers I meet at the Grand. Today, a new gentleman was volunteering. Just recently retired from Boeing and, as he informed us, an alumni of Girard College. I'd never heard of Girard College until today. Of course, the world is even smaller because his wife is a geology professor at PLU. The other volunteer, a lady who must have been in her 70s, also worked in the computer department at PLU back in the 70s!

I worked tickets today. It was the first time I've worked tickets in months! I got a start on my new book, Modern Love, which I became aware of through another Grand volunteer a month ago. I got to sit right next to a huge standup for The Darjeeling Limited. It wasn't there last night. There was a handful of people who mentioned Owen Wilson's suicide attempt in one way or another after walking by it. (It doesn't help that he's bandaged up on the standup.) Great, huh?


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