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>> Monday, October 22, 2007

It's clear to me now that I need a break from the Grand. The next shift I work isn't until the first weekend in November, and I am NOT signing up for another shift before that.

Into the Wild has been selling out every showing except for the weeknights, which would be unheard of. Add to that a new movie, The Darjeeling Limited, which also sold out its late matinée and evening shows on Saturday, and note that for the last shows of the evening, there are ten minutes in between them (8:50 and 9:00). This results in a lobby that is packed, a line out the door for those trying to buy tickets and a huge line at concessions. Needless to say I was the popcorn bitch on Saturday but luckily, we had an excellent crew. (We wouldn't have been able to get through it if we had had two of the volunteers from the previous Saturday.) One of them complimented me by saying I had yeoman's job doing the popcorn or did a yeoman's job with the popcorn. I don't remember specifically which of the two it was, but I do remember the lady who ordered three medium popcorns (with butter). Why would you order three medium popcorns? Get a bucket and a medium! You'll save money, time, my sanity and get more popcorn not to mention the ease of carrying a bucket and a medium as opposed to three mediums. Why? Why? Why?!?!

Of course, I was also signed up to do the Sunday matinée shift from 11:30 to 3:30. Considering I was one of three and how busy it was, I was glad I showed up. However, the slightly snotty attitudes of those waiting in line for In the Wild was not appreciated. "No, you can't go in because the previous showing hasn't finished yet." Grrr! Go to the bathroom, get your popcorn and wait people! You're going to be sitting on your ass for two and a half hours. Give your legs a chance to work or just take a piss. Your bladder will thank you for the latter.

I admit I was surprised that The Jane Austen Book Club didn't attract a larger crowd, but then someone mentioned that it has been playing at other theaters, which would explain why there weren't more women in droves coming to see it. It'll only be there this week so I'm debating whether or not I want to see it. After seeing the trailer several times, I feel slightly inclined to see it, but then I'm not always big on chick flicks. Maria Bello is in it, which to me is the best sign since she almost always seems to pick interesting material. (That woman is not half-assed.) Hmmm...to see it or not to see it.

There are some new movies posted on the Grand's coming soon list:

I'm iffy on whether or not I see Lust, Caution. Kind of want to see it, kind of don't care. 2 Days in Paris I might see. I like the trailer and the running time is 96 minutes. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead...eh...maybe. Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains--I am absolutely seeing this. It's opening on my birthday, but I don't think I'd want to force my friends to see it with me. The Kite Runner I'd like to see. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly...I think I'll save my pass for something else. There's the possibility that Margot at the Wedding and No Country for Old Men will play at the Grand. Neither is currently listed on the schedule. I would like to see both. Plus, I still need to see Eastern Promises, Michael Clayton and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.


RC 23 October, 2007 06:52  

of those upcoming films, i'm most excited about the kite runner, but that'll be neat to catch some of those other films as well.

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