Wild at the Grand

>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy night at the Grand, which was due to only one film, Into the Wild. Sold out all yesterday. Sold out today except for the noon showing. (It was a nice day today so it's not surprising that people went out and played outside.) This is how hot tickets were selling for Into the Wild: when I got there at 6:30, the 8:30 showing was already half sold. It's playing in the Grand's largest theater which holds about 110 people.

Some folks who came planning on seeing it but couldn't jumped into Outsourced or In the Valley of Elah. Elah was barely attracting anyone. It had a pretty small crowd and was playing in theatre 3. I can't imagine how small the 8:15 showing would have been had folks not crossed over to see it.

In the Shadow of the Moon drew a pretty good crowd for its second and final week. I was surprised to see some parents with their young kids. I wouldn't have ever thought to bring kids under ten to see a documentary. I'm definitely going to try and catch that tomorrow.

I'll have to catch In the Valley of Elah later this week. I'm pretty sure it'll be leaving since The Darjeerling Limited and The Jane Austen Book Club are scheduled to start this weekend. Considering how crazy it was with one film selling out, I can't imagine how crazy it'll be next weekend when two new films start (both of which I expect to draw crowds). There was a seating line for Into the Wild that extended out the door. I'm so glad it was a nice day and wasn't raining!


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