The End of Suburbia

>> Saturday, November 3, 2007

After a long absence, I'm finally getting a chance to start watching movies on my Netflix queue.

This is the second documentary about peak oil that I've seen. I wasn't as flabbergasted after watching it as I was after A Crude Awakening. It hits some slightly different point than A Crude Awakening. It concentrates more on the culture impacts of oil. It inter-splices interviews from many more people. A Crude Awakening mainly concentrated on 4-5 experts. I do wish they would have put more excerpts from the interviews into the bonus section of the dvd. I would have really appreciated that.

Richard Heinberg was featured, quite prominently in this, making shortened comments that he made quite well in his book. It's still nice to hear what he had to say, even if it becomes a review.

Most interesting for me was the great blackout of August 2003 featured in this. I live on the west coast, so it hasn't been as burned into my mind. (The movie was finished in 2004.) I remember the energy crisis of 2000-1 caused by Enron in California and the subsequent impact on hydroelectricity in Washington. What happened in 2003 is something that sure to start happening on an on-going basis in the future. Probably not next year, but I'm guessing that it will in 2009 and beyond.

This is one movie I think I'll buy so I can loan it to my friends and hopefully get the word out about the precarious situation we're in.


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