Lars and the Real Girl

>> Thursday, December 20, 2007

I was tempted to title this post "Trapped in a Box." So tempted...

I had to choose tonight between three films: Into the Wild, Margot at the Wedding and Lars and the Real Girl. All three are leaving the Grand tonight and I hadn't seen any of them. I've put off seeing Into the Wild for so long that I just couldn't care to see it. I heard mixed things about Margot at the Wedding. Extreme family dysfunction just wasn't my viewing pleasure tonight.

So Lars it was.

And it was good. I'm glad I saw it. Lars lives in such a nice town. I couldn't help but hear in my head that "This is a story about love." (You know, Christian's line from Moulin Rouge.) It's true. This is about how one town loved Lars so much that they voted his doll onto the school board! But the best scene had to be when Lars got yelled at for not letting Bianca have her own life when she was scheduled to go to the VFW banquet. Really, the best!

I couldn't bring myself to cry, but once you see it, you realize it's not a straight-forward comedy. I did feel sorry for Lars and was amazed at the compassion the doctor (Patricia Clarkson) had for him. Really, the best shrink ever. But I'm glad Lars got out of his box. There were times when I almost thought it wasn't going to happen.

(If you check the credits, you'll notice that Bianca had a wrangler and an assistant wrangler! Can you imagine having the title "Bianca Wrangler" or "Assistant Bianca Wrangler?")


patrick 24 April, 2008 12:37  

just saw Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling did a great job playing out his character's psychological transitions... it was considerate of the movie's producers to leave out the predictable "small-town conflict" element as well

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