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>> Monday, January 21, 2008

I bought Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise book. I know it's not the greatest book ever, but I felt I had to support anyone willing to take on the Cult of $cientology. I have yet to start reading it since I picked it up this past Saturday. However, some of the quotes on the back cover are quite revealing.

"He was pushing limits all the time....I never thought of him ever becoming an actor. He was more of an Al Capone character, a maverick, the kind of kid who wouldn't back down."
-- A childhood neighbor
Acting like a member of the mafia? You don't say!
"Don't let that smile and those teeth fool you. He could have a really nasty streak."
-- A high-school girlfriend
Like father like son.
"I'll bet all the money I've ever made, plus his, that he doesn't have a mistress, that he doesn't have a gay lover, that he doesn't have a gay life."
-- Nicole Kidman
Of course, your money came almost directly from him. If his sham is exposed, your sham of a life will be exposed too! Which would be great!!
"You can't drive past an accident, because as a Scientologist you are the only one who can help."
--Tom Cruise (aka GMD)
You hear that doctors, EMTs and firefighters? You're skills are USELESS because you're not part of the Church of $cientology.

Another tidbit I came across this week, a Nightline (with Ted Koppel) episode on Scientology containing an interview with Co$ leader David Miscavige. Note Miscavige's interview behavior. It's amazingly similar to Tom Cruise's behavior during his The Today Show interview showdown with Matt Lauer. Who influenced whom? Did Miscavige take notes from Cruise, or is it the other way around?


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