Google Reader = Evil!

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yes, that's right. Google Reader is fucking evil!


At first, it seemed like it was the answer to my dreams. I could finally look at the same set of RSS feeds either at home or at work.

Now, I just have an unending series of posts to read; although, I do see more news headlines this way than I did a month ago.

This thing just makes me feel like Sisyphus. Google Reader is my rock!


Janel 13 January, 2008 20:37  

I realized that the key is to keep it in scroll mode and just star things if they look like they'd be interesting to read later. For a while I would only mark things as read once I read them. Then I realized they started piling up way too much. So, I switched it back to the default of marking things read as you scroll through them. If they're really worth reading, then I can always look them up in my Starred Items.

by House of Brat 15 January, 2008 22:51  

It's working better...for now. I did just spend 2+ hours reading older items that I had wanted to read. A big chunk that was bothering me. Will see if it works out in the long run.

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