I have an ipod!

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

I finally have an ipod! Not a significant purchase for most people, such as those rich kids from Born Rich, but for me it's a great relief. Finally, I'll be able to listen to all those podcasts I've downloaded away from my computer. I had to unsubscribe and delete several after they were sucking up room on my computer. I listened to five while at work, and I can use it as an alarm clock. My trusty alarm clock from high school bit the dust last summer. I had been using the alarm on my Razr, which has the worst battery life. Now I don't have to recharge my battery every day on my cell, a big relief.


Janel 22 January, 2008 11:01  

Yay! What kind did you get?

by House of Brat 22 January, 2008 16:32  

ipod classic (fifth generation)

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