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>> Tuesday, January 22, 2008

See this chick? The world was forced to endure her lifeless version of Lois Lane in Superman Returns. Lois Lane is vivacious. Kate Bosworth is not. Margot Kidder was and remains the quintessential Lois Lane. Margot Kidder went crazy several years later. BUT Margot Kidder has a personality. She has her own verve. She could carry scenes in a blockbuster movie about a comic book heroine.

Kate Bosworth can't. Not even with top notch director.

Look at those eyes, could they get any more hollow?

Good thing she was born pretty.


angela 05 October, 2008 20:59  

Teri Hatcher was a great Lois Lane.

Anonymous,  21 June, 2010 18:37  

I came across this post, ironically, while googling "Waiting for Superman" which is a documentary about the dysfunctional public education system in the United States, It's by the same dude who directed "An Inconvenient Truth" and was screened in L.A. today. Ironically Kate Bosworth supposedly was in attendance. I wanted to mention that Kate got great reviews in the teen flick "Blue Crush" which was a blockbuster hit (also starring the edgy and sexy Michelle Rodriguez). But KB hasn't chosen such great roles after that. She was a lot younger when she filmed Blue Crush and she had a spunk and a vitality that now Hollywood has seemed to wash out of her. I think she just needs to let go and be herself and not try to fit into the "pretty girl" mold. She seems to have had a lot more personality back when she was starting out as an actress.

House of Brat 22 June, 2010 23:10  

Well, eating disorders and drugs do tend to suck the life out of people...

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