No Country for Old Men

>> Sunday, January 6, 2008

I heard a lot of things about this movie before I finally saw it. (I actually saw it the Friday before Christmas.)

1. A lady purchasing tickets at the Grand complained to the house manager about No Country for Old Men. She wasn't buying tickets for the movie. She was buying tickets for another movie but proceeded to complain about No Country for Old Men. She said the film was so full of violence that it was not fit to be shown at the Grand. Yup, the Grand is too good to show what many critics have called the "Best movie/film of the year."

2. My mom complains about all the violence in the movie but my dad thought it was a great film. Mom will get to drag dad to Atonement.

3. Someone else at the Grand told me how another audience reacted to the end of the movie. Specifically, the movie ended. The audience was silent. Then someone blurted out, "Will someone please tell me what the fuck this movie was about?!?!"

4. Another person complained that, "It just ended!"

Well, I saw it with my very, own eyes and I can tell you it was about something. Not that I can remember what since I saw it more than two weeks ago, but I'm sure the answer is in one of the two speeches Tommy Lee Jones gave towards the end of the movie. In fact, after the movie finished, I almost wanted to see it again. And as for that person who complained that it "just ended," what else was there to say? Almost all the main characters were dead.


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