Ocean's Thirteen

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first two Ocean's movies I saw on/for my birthday since they both were released in December. The first one really is the best since it kept me wondering until it was revealed, "How did they get that money out of there?"

This one is better than the second one; although, I did love the flashback scenes in Ocean's Twelve. It was the very last scene in that movie that I hated. What was the point?

Anyway, getting to see the set up during the course of this one is most of the fun. I wasn't really fooled for a minute when "The Nightfox" thought he had made off with the diamonds.

For me, the best moment was Saul calling up some young chick on the cartwheel where she answered with a "Hey Saul." You know that guy KNOWS how to talk to the ladies to get that kind of "Hey" out of a twenty-something girl.


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