>> Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm not much of a fashionista, so I can't remember what motivated me to put this on my Netflix queue. Nonetheless, I've upped my Netflix subscription to 5-at-a-time so I can get through movies I've had in my queue for a very LONG time.

What I liked most about this it brings back memories of the early 90s, particularly the supermodels. Unique faces all around! I can't stand the "supermodels" of today. They just can't compare. It's always the same damn pose and same body from the neck down. I can rarely tell any of them apart, and it seems pointless to do otherwise. But watching this...it was a treat to see a glimpse of Yasmeen Ghauri. I always liked her. And Karen Mulder.

But most of all, I loved that this demonstrates how much work goes into just one fashion show.


Janel 10 January, 2008 09:07  

Yeah, it's probably the best fashion documentary ever!

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