>> Monday, February 4, 2008

I dragged myself to see this since I got off work early. I was hoping to see There Will Be Blood but settled for this instead.

I don't get it. The people who rave about this movie. I really don't get it. There were a few parts I liked. Like when Robbie and Cecilia were together at the house and the dinner party. I hated hearing the typewriter beats throughout the movie. Ugh. Make it stop!

I've heard several people derive this movie as a chick flick. I'm not a chick-flick person by any means, but usually I like dramas in general. Not this. I couldn't stand the repetitive nature of all the scenes over and over and over. I think I was more concerned with my popcorn until it finished. And it finished at the perfect moment--when Cecilia and Robbie get it on in the library.

I did like the last ten minutes with Vanessa Redgrave. Some sense to the proceedings after letting things go on forever and ever. But by the end, I couldn't care about the characters.


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