>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Finally caught Juno today. I think it was the perfect day to catch it since it's Super Bowl Sunday! For once the Grand wasn't overrun with a kajillion people during the weekend. There were plenty there yesterday as most of the shows sold out.

I kind of wished I hadn't read something about how the movie ended. Can't remember where I read it. It kind of spoiled the movie for me, just a little bit. (I think it may have been Entertainment Weekly but not sure. Whomever it was I didn't like the statement that the ending was a little too happy because Juno wasn't moping because she was no longer with her baby. I'm sorry, but Juno may think about the baby but it will probably be more significant later in life. I worked with a lady who was exactly in that situation 50+ years ago when she was pregnant and gave up the kid for adoption. You have to move on just as Juno did.) But the character Juno herself reminds me of my friend Kelly in the way she speaks. So I felt like I was around Kelly the whole time I was watching the movie except Kelly has never been pregnant.

Really enjoyed it except for the moment when the step mom begins to tell the ultrasound technician to go back to night school. That went way overboard and was unnecessary. Should have just left it as talking about what we know about, much better point.

I totally recognized that Canadian freeway Juno was driving on even though it's been years since I've been up there.


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