Biking in the sun

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Something that came to mind this past weekend when it was sunny out. As in, hopefully I can get laid off this summer, move back home and then ride my bike to and fro.

And riding a bike isn't something I've done in a LONG time. But I'm sick of driving. Thank Goddess I ride a vanpool. I couldn't stand to drive to work much longer.

And apparently many other people are thinking the same thing.

According to this article from The Milford Daily News (wherever that is!), more people are riding their bikes to work due to rising gas prices. To which I say, "YAY!" I have one coworker who rides his bike into work about once a week. He would do it more, but it's 18 miles one way, which tends to suck the life out of him for the rest of the week for the time being.


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