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>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks to Blogger Buster, I was able to give both of my blogs (this one and Lainey Blinds) new layouts today. Perfect way to waste a sunny day indoors. But I digress.
I was able to give the Lainey Blinds blog a third column. Something I've wanted to do for a long time. Splitting out the list of blind items on one side and the labels on the other makes for much easier reading. I used Blogger Buster's Three Column version the Rounders template.

As for this blog, I had a hard time deciding what to do with it. I wanted something different than the typical Blogger design and neither of the designs on Blogger Buster struck me as quite right. I came across a Blogger Buster post on 101 excellent free blogger templates, the smashing template by Been making adjustments for the past few hours, adding in my other items. I screwed up the top left menu somehow, but that's okay as I had no use for it. Would like to start using the post summaries hack for a shorter look to the page if I could figure the appropriate hack out. Three tries tonight have all failed and no results. Would have been nice if Jackbook had made the code more pliable on this point.


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