The Bloodbath

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

As I mentioned a few days ago, there was an employee forum held at my work to announce a drastic resizing of the company within the next 4 months. 35% of the company is being sold off for $6 billion. That's just one sector. One of the only money making sectors currently.

The company hasn't done a drastic resizing within the past few years. We sold the Fine Paper division in '06/'07. By selling off these two divisions, the company will be 50% smaller than what it was at the beginning of 2006.

Needless to say, they'll be looking to downsize the support services by the end of July by 35%, which should mean that I'll have a very good chance at getting laid off. The number of people in my department is down two people from the beginning of 2006. Or down one person since the beginning of this year. I'm not sure which matters more.

My manager was out the day of the forum. So yesterday morning (Thursday), she had us gather for a mini-meeting while she handed out copies of a PowerPoint presentation AND an info sheet on the Employee Assistance Program in case, you know, any of us start feeling mental.

Just to illustrate how big this "resizing" is, my manager asked two employees, both who have been with the company for more than 25 years each, on what scale this is compared to other reductions and reorganizations. They both said they had never seen anything like it on this scale. In the past, these have always been slow and drawn-out processes. Senior management is expecting to have plans in place by sometime in June and begin implementation in July with the expectation that downsizing will be mostly complete in four months.

My coworker, Fluffy, stated that this is always how it begins, with a "pep" talk from management. Hence, "the bloodbath is about to begin."


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