The Daily Comment: Shareholders' Money

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

Comment in my work's weekly email to employees reflecting on the sale of "Division A" to another corporation and how everything is done for shareholder profit:

I’ve been with [this company] [Division A] for almost 25 years. It didn’t really surprise me we would be sold; things like this happen all the time. But after reading Mr. [CEO & President]’s speech, I have to wonder what they are thinking. Sounds like we were just the tip of the iceberg. Sounds like the next phase of restructuring is going to put a lot more good people out of work. So they can “deliver strong financial returns to shareholders”? Does that include the thousands of shareholders who are going to be out of jobs? Please, Mr. [CEO & President], stop insulting our intelligence by using “we” and “us” and “our” in speeches about restructuring [this company]. The only shareholders you are worried about are your major shareholders (SMT). Smaller companies = more money for fewer people. “We” are the ones who’ve put in the effort to make [this company] what it is. And now we can do nothing but watch it all disappear as a once-great company tries to become more profitable at the expense of “our” jobs. Thanks, [this company], for 25 years. Good luck to all who survive the restructuring. And God bless those who don’t.
—Matthew; Three Rivers, Mich.


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