Education is never waste

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Education is never waste." - Vicomte de Valmont, Dangerous Liasions

But some people need a LOT of it. Case in point is the quote below by a gentleman in my work's weekly newsletter from two months ago:

Grass will not provide an energy solution for this great and powerful nation of ours. We have enough oil for 500 years at current consumption in our own country. Socialist environmental fundamentalists will not let us utilize it; however, it's a shame to bring the greatest and best hope for mankind (the United States of America) to its knees in order for people in high-rise glass towers to feel emotionally secure about themselves … A shame, indeed.
John; Centralia, Wash.
This is the problem with the lack of awareness of the peak oil issue. Hardly anyone knows about it. Those that don't resort to name calling when people try to make an improvement towards the future. Can you imagine what kind of action this person is going to take when gas at the pump hits $5? Or $6? You think he's going to act rationally? Or others like him?


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