The End of an Era

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sadly, I learned today that Roger Ebert will not be returning to television as a result of his cancer. Bummer. I think film criticism on television always suffered after Gene Siskel passed away. Arguments on "Siskel & Ebert" were never the same afterwards. I've never been impressed much with Richard Roeper. I never thought his arguments could hold much of a candle to Roger's. A.O.'s last paragraph kind of touches upon that. Sort of.

One recent afternoon I was sitting at my computer studying old clips of Gene and Roger. After a while my daughter sat down next to me. We watched in silence for a while, and then she said: “These guys are always fighting. Even when they both like a movie, they have to fight about why it’s good.” That may not be an exhaustive definition of criticism as a discipline or a mode of thought, but it strikes me as a pretty good summary.


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