Hurricane Season

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think it's going to be another terrible hurricane season this year. Why? Well, Cyclone Nargis, which hit Myanmar (Burma) at the beginning of the month, is a perfect example. But my reasoning stems more from Vedic astrology. I read this a few days before the hurricane hit:

The other main story of Capricorn Cancer axis is – Capricorn is the sign of Business and usually Saturn will control the excesses of Rahu and this can bring a positive result for cautious investors. Ketu transiting over Cancer - the main significator of housing – will bring further turmoil into the housing area. Cancer’s element is water- so we can expect stormy weather conditions as the heat of Ketu hits the water energy of Cancer. There can also be confusion regarding property market and generally people will not feel satisfied.
Ketu moved into the sign of Cancer on April 30. Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 2.

Three years ago in 2005, a different planet was transiting Cancer -- Saturn. Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit the US. It was a LONG hurricane season three years ago for the US. It's probably going to be another terrible hurricane season for the US this year, which won't be great for the economy.

Three years ago, there was a spike in gas prices. No one really paid attention to what it basically told us about our oil supply--that there is no spare capacity. With oil prices already setting records and the likelihood that hurricanes will cross over into the Gulf of Mexico, causing deep sea oil rigs to shut down, oil prices will rocket even further up.

August is going to be a tough month this year.

Also, I still remember hearing how New York City is overdue for a hurricane. Apparently, one strikes about every 70 to 80 years.


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