Iron Man

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

I caught Iron Man with my friend Susan at the Cinerama last night. Figured a Thursday night would be a good night to try and catch it. No crowd and the ability to find street parking, always a plus. The last movie I saw with Susan at the Cinerama was 300. Another movie based on a comic.

I've never been big on Iron Man. I think I have perhaps 20 Iron Man comics, tops. I always thought he was rather bland. And if the movie had starred Tom Cruise as many thought it would five or six years ago, it certainly would have been.

Thank Goddess for Robert Downey Jr. Ever since I heard they cast him, I thought that this might be an interesting movie. After I saw the first trailer six months (or however long ago it was) with the moment in the Humvee where he says, "Please, no gang signs," which is hilarious, I thought I HAVE to see this.

It was definitely worth my $10.25 to see it at the Cinerama. (I love the big screen there.) I paid more than $10 to see a movie! Definitely a first.

I loved RDJ as Tony Stark. He gives the movie such life. After hearing that he ad libbed many of his lines, I almost wish that when they put out the dvd that they'd have a feature where you could watch the movie with notes at the bottom noting whether the lines were scripted or ad libbed. Would be interesting.

While I didn't find the villain scary, I thought it was relevant that it touched upon US companies supplying war lords with their weapons. It's something most Americans take completely for granted.

Interesting that Iron Man is currently #141 on the IMDB's Top 250. Wonder how long it'll stay there.


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