The Overpopulation Crisis

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Another article I read off The Oil Drum today. Was procrastinating this morning since I felt I could have used another day off. So, was Robert Malthus off just a few decades when he predicted catastrophe due to human overpopulation? I'd say yes.

Malthus, writing in the late 18th century, could never have predicted the use of fossil fuels that have occurred. He could never conceive a world population more than 6 times what it was in his lifetime. It would have been literally inconceivable. A population that only exists due to the "Green Revolution," an agricultural revolution made possible by fossil fuels.

We are now beginning to see the consequences of population growth. The limit has been reached.

Interesting, that this article mentions "The Club of Rome." I have only heard of this group once before, either in a paper, presentation or interview with Matt Simmons. I almost feel inclined to add their book The Limits to Growth to my book reading list, which is already quite full.


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