Smells like a rose

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

For the record, roses do NOT remind me of vaginas. However, this appeared on PostSecret the day before I was told to stop wearing perfume on my vanpool. I don't wear any synthetic perfumes. It's purely the essential oil of roses in jojoba oil. My coworkers said they could barely smell it, even my coworker with the super nose. I can only guess that it's because I put it on right before I walked out the door to hop into the van a few minutes later. They said it made a few people's eyes water. I'm going to guess that it was people who had allergies to begin with anyway. Because I do not wear perfume to aggravate other folks' olfactories. I can't stand walking through department store perfume sections as it is. And I certainly would never wear something that Christopher Brosius describes here.


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