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>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've loaned the March 2008 issue of The Ecologist to two people so far. With all the recent news coverage regarding food shortages, I think the topic hits home to most people. I lent it to one lady on my vanpool. She only read the pages relating to food, which is quite a lot, but I think it's a shame she didn't read the entire magazine. There's so much other information amongst its pages. Topics that I think she would do well to educate herself and read them. Apparently she showed the issue to one of her coworkers who copied the pages so that she could read them later.

As far as I can tell, only the GM vs Organic farming articles are online at this moment. I think many of the other articles should be available, particularly the water ("Blue Gold") one. I'm considering typing that one up to make it available to a few other people.

Since I got the issue back yesterday on the way home, I lent it this morning to my coworker Fluffy. She's become interested in the effects of Peak Oil recently. I pointed her to a few sites for information a couple of weeks ago. It'll be interesting to hear what she has to say about the magazine.


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