To the Graduating Class of Five Years Ago

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

I came across this article today, I think via The Oil Drum. If it wasn't The Oil Drum per se, then it was via an article I was reading that was in the "Drum Beat" for this past weekend.

Nothing about the recommendations is startling to me. I suppose what is so startling to me is how much I've had the same thing in my head for years. Perhaps it's all those years of reading The Ecologist. They've covered basically the same topics in different issues of their magazine but in greater detail. (I should really resubscribe...)

One article that I haven't read before is mentioned at "A university degree is not the best choice for a significant number of young people." It is a pdf file that I printed (I killed trees!) at work (but double-sided) and will have to read tonight.

But speaking of graduation, I can't remember what George and Jane Russell said at my university graduation. It was too hot in the auditorium, and I was too sweaty. I do remember the speeches at my high school graduation. Much more memorable.


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