>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

I watched a Michael Bay flick and actually enjoyed it! Shocker!

To be fair, I only half-paid attention while I watched it the first time through. I was working on my computer while watching the movie.

But can you blame me? The star of the movie doesn't show up until an hour in! A full hour without Optimus Prime! I don't care what they say about Shia LeBeouf. Optimus is the man! Although, I will admit Shia was very adorable in the flick. If I was 15, I could so have a picture of him on my wall. Except I'm not, so I don't and am not going to.

And since I'm not a guy, Megan Fox does nothing for me. That chick cannot act. No personality what so ever. Shia's friend described her character accurately, "She's an evil, jock concubine!" Really, nothing interesting but the body.
I'm so glad they got Peter Cullen to do his voice once again. It just would not have been the same Optimus. It was SO comforting to hear him speak, which I find a bit unusual since I didn't watch the entire Transformers series when I was young. But Optimus is the only one I remember. I hope there's more Autobot and Decepticon action the next time around. The humans weren't that entertaining.

For me, the best fight in the movie was Optimus vs. Bonecrusher for its sheer efficiency and Optimus' energon axe. Not always a fan of the marathon matches.


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