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>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

In the world of completely unimportant events, Lainey's husband wrote her this morning with this little gem:

Why don't you write about how hot she is in red? I'm as hard as a diamond in an ice strom right now.....

It completely reminds me of things that my coworker, BD, has written on his blog. Things such as:
Issabella Rosalini is the hottest mamma jamma ever to come down the pike. Arnica's pants are getting tight just thinking about her in Blue Velvet...

Or another genius post like this one here

Or the post (on Dec 4, 2007) which describes the death of his boner for Julia Roberts (and has no url that I can link to:

She walks like a dude. is mondo bow-legged and has the teeth of an Arabian pure breed.

But that is not what killed the snake. What killed the snake is the news out of Hellywood that Julia will never do nude scenes. Then why the hell should Arnica see your stinken movie, then? Huh! Answer me, Secretariat!


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