Afternoon in Tacoma

>> Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the first time in a great while, I had an enjoyable afternoon on a Saturday. I didn't waste my entire day by slacking around.

I had my last haircut with the stylist I've had for the past three years. It kind of begins to set in more and more that I'm leaving. Not that I'm completely unaware but just a more complete realization. My stylist is actually leaving the salon where she's worked for the past three and a half years to work for herself. I'm not the only one embarking on something new.

I picked up a baby gift at a local boutique. I really enjoy being near some locally-owned businesses. Just one of the nice things of living in the Stadium district of Tacoma. There aren't as many nice boutiques immediately near by in Ogden.

To cap my day off, I walked over to the Grand to catch Up the Yangtze. But first I had dinner at the Corina Bakery--red velvet cake. Yum!


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