The Daily Comment: Dilbert?

>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

The intro to the comment section of this week's company news:

Excellent, Reader. Please do continue sending comments on whatever work topic you want discussed. But also feel free this week (in honor of a recent contest on spectacular real-life corporate-speak) to send in your favorite examples of [company]-style Dilbert-talk, e.g., "Our learnings have built efficiencies that may be expected to lead to facilitation of world-class best practices."
*Actual [company] memos are encourage but names will be changed to protect the misguided.
Seriously? Grammar boy has really outdone himself this time! We're going to have a special Dilbert edition next week? Gee, this is could be a bright spot in my remaining days particularly since I realized today that I forgot to take a picture of my cubicle before I started tossing things away. Oh darn...


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